ResourceBlender.NET 1.55

There are several improvements and time savers included in this release as well as a sample application added during the installation which demonstrates basic functionality.

Changes in ResourceBlender.NET 1.55
  • Added: A sample application when ResourceBlender is installed to show core functionality.
  • Added: Option to treat files without a language code in the filename as the default language.
  • Added: Option to add languages not currently used by an application when importing resources.
  • Added: Option to show completion of resources from languages not used by an application when viewing a resource summary.
  • Changed: If the installer does not have permission to write to web.config, a message is now shown with instructions to copy and paste replacement values.
  • Fixed: Bug which caused the empty selection validator not to fire on the Create Variant page.
  • Fixed: When importing from .properties, if a file used CR+LF line breaks, the \r was not removed.
  • ResourceBlender.NET is now ready to be translated, all literal strings have been moved to resource files.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.