ResourceBlender.NET 1.50

Recent changes include multi-threaded automatic translation and an option to escape international characters when generating .properties bundles, eliminating the need for Java's native2ascii utility.

Changes in ResourceBlender.NET 1.50
  • Added: Multi-threaded automatic translation with Google Translate.
  • Added: Option to escape unicode characters (with code points above 127) to prevent the need to run native2ascii when generating .properties bundles.
  • Changed: When merging resources, translator comments are also merged.
  • Changed: Java bundles containing escaped unicode sequences are now converted to their string representation when importing.
  • Fixed: Bug when exporting Chinese Simplified or Traditional to Java .properties.
  • Fixed: Bug when importing PO files which caused the import to fail if two untranslated strings with plurals shared the same first 15 characters.

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