ResourceBlender has been released under the GPL and is now available open-source!

This means the entire source is available for download and contribution. Both ResourceBlender Express (WPF) and ResourceBlender.NET (ASP.NET) are now on CodePlex under a GPL license.

Contributions to the source are actively encouraged and I'd really love for people to contribute, just ask in the forums for permission or post a patch. The source code is in need of some refactoring, I'm currently in the process of moving a lot of the in-line SQL to a separate file and splitting the data access layer. This will need to be reflected in both versions before I add any more features as the code is becoming difficult to manage. It won't be difficult, but there's a lot of code to refactor and I'm only one person.

Update - 23rd Aug 2009: The majority of splitting the data access code has been completed, but I'd welcome any tips or advice on best practices and methods related to any part ofthe source.

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Please direct all feedback to the forums.