Lots new in 1.40, including a standalone Resx (.NET managed resource) file editor and a quicker method of adding elements while translating. The Google translator has been updated as well to reflect their newest supported languages.

There's also a minor database schema change, so if you're upgrading you need to backup first. If you're using ResourceBlender.NET and Express together, you'll also need to upgrade to ResourceBlender.NET 1.56.

For safety reasons, no database tables will be deleted during installation, so you'll either need to delete them manually or use a different table prefix.

Changes in ResourceBlender Express 1.40
  • Added: Resx file editor.
  • Added: Bulk add elements and resources.
  • Added: Option to escape unicode characters (with code points above 127) to prevent the need to run native2ascii when generating .properties bundles.
  • Added: Option to treat files without a language code in the filename as the default language.
  • Added: Option to add languages not currently used by an application when importing resources.
  • Added: A sample application when ResourceBlender is installed to show core functionality.
  • Added: Option to show completion of resources from languages not used by an application when viewing a resource summary.
  • Changed: When filters are applied in the resources grid, editing a resource no longer resets the filters.
  • Changed: RBT files can now be opened by specifying them as a command line argument. The install creates a file assosication by default.
  • Changed: Updating of the output filename is now more fluid when generating resources.
  • Updated: Google Translation API supported languages to include Albanian, Estonian, Galician, Hungarian, Maltese, Thai and Turkish.
  • Fixed: When importing from .properties, if a file used CR+LF line breaks, the \r was not removed.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.