This release makes it easier for translators by adding a file format and editor which allows translators to edit more easily. It should make it more inviting for a translator to volunteer.

Changes in ResourceBlender Express 1.35.
  • Added: RBT file (translation database) format to make life easier for translators.
  • Added: Shortcut keys and usability improvements throughout.
  • Added: Option to clear settings.
  • Added: Splash screen.
  • Changed: Progress is now shown when exporting.
  • Changed: If the database settings are changed after the program has been installed, tables will now be created if required.
  • Changed: Translations for a resource can be deleted by leaving the translation field blank.
  • Changed: When importing, multiple files can now be specified. If some of the files are zip archives they will be extracted before import.
  • Changed: The database path/server address is now shown in the main window status bar.
  • Fixed: Icons were only shown in one menu in the main window. This has been fixed.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.