There are lots of additions and usability improvements in version 1.30. The same features are now supported by ResourceBlender Express and ResourceBlender.NET. Notable features are bulk auto-translation and resource summary graphs.

Changes in ResourceBlender Express 1.30
  • Added: Bulk automatic translation.
  • Added: Multiple application export to XML spreadsheet.
  • Added: Create Variant dialog.
  • Added: Resource Summary graphs.
  • Added: PO file meta data editor.
  • Added: Next/Previous element buttons when translating.
  • Added: Icons to resource types when exporting and flags to language selection dialog boxes.
  • Changed: Chinese Simpilfied and Traditional are now recognized when automatically translating.
  • Changed: The inputs for a translation are now disabled when an automatic translation request is in progress.
  • Changed: Shortcut keys can now be used when editing an element.
  • Changed: When adding/editing an element, the sort order of the grid is now retained when saving.
  • Fixed: Bug when importing PO files which caused the import to fail if two untranslated strings with plurals shared the same first 15 characters.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.