A lot has been added in this version. The UI looks nicer and more of the features from ResourceBlender.NET have been ported over.

Existing resource files can be imported, and backups can be imported/exported between both versions.

Changes in ResourceBlender Express 1.10
  • Added: Find Resources dialog.
  • Added: Import from existing .properties, .resx and .po files.
  • Added: Button to Edit Element form to show fields in a larger editor.
  • Added: Translator comments to each translation.
  • Added: Backup & Restore to XML.
  • Added: Option to zip files or output them unzipped.
  • Added: Nicer message dialogs.
  • Added: Context menus.
  • Added: Icons to buttons.
  • Added: Status bars throughout the application to notify when database operations are in progress.
  • Changed: Row colours on the elements grid now alternate to make distinguishing rows easier.
  • Changed: Quick edit buttons on resource summary window are now disabled when an application contains no bundles or languages.
  • Changed: Scrolling the application summary is now smoother.
  • Fixed: Editing resources for an application where the only language is a custom language code no longer generates an error.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.