ResourceBlender 1.45

Full automatic translation and support for GNU's gettext/po format are the main features included in this release. Each translator can now leave comments for each individual translation.

Changes in ResourceBlender 1.45
  • Added: Automatic machine translation of an entire application using Google Translate.
  • Added: Support for PO file import/generation.
  • Added: Ability for translators to leave comments for each individual translation.
  • Added: Close button to translation finder results.
  • Added: Option to specify a table prefix.
  • Added: Option to search for blank translations in the AJAX editor.
  • Changed: A resource summary for multiple applications can now be displayed.
  • Changed: The total number of elements in all bundles is now included in attached summary.txt files.
  • Changed: If JavaScript is disabled, a refresh button is displayed so all forms should still be usable.
  • Fixed: Bug when using the AJAX editor, then switching applications before the session had expired.
  • Fixed: Bug in AJAX editor when filtering by contents of the resource comment.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.