Generate Resources for Multiple Formats

ResourceBlender can export to .resx files used by Microsoft's .NET Framework, Java .properties files, .rdf files used by extensions for Mozilla Firefox, GNU Portable Object (PO/gettext) files as well as PHP files containing definitions or arrays. You can also create your own templates for more specific formats.

Centralised Translation Database

If you manage multiple applications, synchronizing translations between them can be tedious and time consuming. ResourceBlender simplifies this by using one database of translations which are available for use in multiple applications. All editions can make use of a MySQL or Microsoft SQL server to store the database and ResourceBlender Express supports SQLite in addition, so no external database server is required.

Automatic Translation

Applications can be automatically translated using Google's free translation service.

Easy for Both Translators and Project Owners

RBT translation databases make it easier for translators to edit translations, and project owners/admins to add a new translation for an application with a few clicks.

Free and Open-Source

ResourceBlender is free to download and use, though donations and contributions to it's development are greatly appreciated. Find out how to contribute to the source on CodePlex.

Import from Existing Resource Files

Existing .properties, .resx or .po files can be imported for use with ResourceBlender, allowing you to migrate easily.

Export to XML Spreadsheets

Allows a project owner to export translations to a spreadsheet which can be edited in Excel, OpenOffice Calc or any spreadsheet software capable of opening XML spreadsheets. This allows translators to work without downloading any external software or accessing ResourceBlender itself.

Easily Maintain Resources

Tools allow you to search for and remove duplicate resources, merge resources, view which languages are most complete and create language variants.

Re-use Translations

Translations can be re-used, so when your next application needs to be localized - whether you pay a translator per-word or rely on the community to help, you end up with less work.

Save Time

When generating Java .properties bundles, automatically convert unicode characters to unicode escape sequences to eliminate the need to run Java's native2ascii utility.

ResourceBlender Express

Written in WPF


Powered By ASP.NET 3.5

Powerful offline editor

ResourceBlender Express provides full editing of translation data using a native Windows interface.

Standalone Resx File Editor

ResourceBlender Express is also capable of editing .NET managed resource files (resx). It provides features while editing not available in Visual Studio or other resx file editors.

Online AJAX editor

An AJAX editor, lets you edit translations online. It can be hosted on any ASP.NET 3.5 webserver and translators can translate online without downloading extra software. The editor lets you search for similar translations, as well as filter and automatically translate with one click thanks to Google's free translation service.